A Mac Finder on Steroids

Disclosure: While I was given a licence to review TotalFinder, I was already using it for a number of years.

I’ve been a Mac convert for several years now, but some things on Windows were just evidently better. Thankfully, there are some software developers who actively craft applications to help bring some of those features over to the Mac.

Here are a few things I intensely yearned for on the Mac OSX when I first switched over.

Cut-and-paste (like huh? Mac didn’t have it back then?)

Folders should be on top, always. Don’t mix them with the files below

See system files (yes, I like control… TOTAL CONTROL!)

Natively read AND write to Windows hard drives? (NTFS)

Standard application shortcuts – For Redo, it’s sometimes Cmd-Shift-Z and sometimes Cmd-Y.

Enter TotalFinder. It doesn’t fix all that I want, but it does three out of five of the items listed above.

Here’s a screenshot of TotalFinder running with two tabs and the folders above all my files. In addition, the greyed out .DS_Store file is a system file that is normally hidden.

Another pretty nifty feature of TotalFinder is the ability to toggle dual mode that allows you to see two folders side-by-side! That’s pretty cool for comparing the file contents of two folders. You save heaps of time as opposed to switching windows.

Overall, for USD18, I think it is a steal! The productivity that you gain is phenomenal.

Check it out here (I get no referral fees!)

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