Avoid email spam from websites

Spammers oftentimes have harvesting systems to run through thousands of websites, digging up anything that looks like an email address and adding it to their database of “To Spam” or “To Sell”. It annoys the life out of me and the other billions of people on the Internet, I’m sure. How I wish I could add spammers to spam lists of other spammers (perhaps that’s a project for another lifetime).

If you run a website or a blog, there are times when you do need to display your email address. Merely typing it out will result in the problem I just mentioned. John Haller, a fairly intelligent man, has a site that explains how to “obfuscate” the email addresses – in layperson’s terms, you somewhat encode it so that these spammer systems cannot read them, but your web browser can.

In John’s example, the email address is encoded from email@example.com, to emai… in the code.

It’s not 100% foolproof, but it will surely help reduce the amount of junk email you may potentially receive from there.

Check out John’s site.

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