Blog installed, now what?

Alright, you’ve done your research and you’ve decided to start a blog – either for corporate use, or personal. Both ways, you want to drive traffic (aka visitors, for the uninitiated) to your site. Watch this short 3 min clip that explains one of the first things you must do to get going.


Ruhani Rabin, Senior Developer at Integricity and Alex Lam, The Backpackr having a chat


  • Generate content – related to your purpose
  • Socialize with other bloggers (virtual socializing is fine)
  • Leave pertinent comments on blogs that are similar to your own
  • Ask questions to garner a response

I am starting a series on blogging and how to take your blog to higher heights – it entails all aspects from building it, right up to driving it to popularity. All posts are prefixed by the level of expertise needed to understand and implement the recommendations.


  1. Cheng Leng - August 22, 2008

    Have you thought of finding a way for your readers to be able to mingle and chat with each other on your blog? Perhaps through threaded conversations?

    That’s something I am trying to explore myself. <3 my readers.

  2. Jon - August 22, 2008

    RSSed, bookmarked. Officially stalking your blog now! Need to make mine popular as well, any tip helps! :)

  3. The Backpackr - August 26, 2008

    Cheng Leng: I’ll try to find out if there is a plugin that allows that.

    Jon: Great to have you follow the posts on this blog. Do share with me ideas on what else I can do on this blog on my Facebook page

  4. The Backpackr - August 26, 2008

    Cheng Leng, a plugin that is available for free that deals with threaded comments is available at

    Beware, it can get really confusing once readers start replying to a comment many layers deep. Especially if they are not familiar with threaded comments / forums.

  5. Kris - July 5, 2009

    This is going to be my resource as I find my way round blogging haha!

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