Corporate companies and blogger engagements

These days, bloggers are almost heralded as mainstream media – they are treated princely, wined & dined and given exclusive privileges to events & products. There is no denying the strength a blogger can possess.

Someone once compared a pastor of a church with a blogger. He estimated that a pastor needs 20-30 staff to help run a church that spreads its message to a congregation of 2,000 people, once a week. In comparison, an average blogger can reach an audience of 500 people per day. Most times, this represents the efforts of only one blogger, without any staff. How’s that for reach vs efforts?

Over the last month, I was contacted by the PR teams of YTL and Maxis to cover the Yes4G launch and review the new HTC HD7 Windows phone. With little effort, these corporate giants are able to leverage on the strength of bloggers and their respective networks to their advantage.

Maxis places a lot of emphasis on their reviewers programme and aptly calls it Maxis10. They select 10 key influentials, allow them to review cutting edge soon-to-be-released phones and let them keep the phones, subject to several conditions. Oftentimes, this selected group spend hours upon hours crafting blog posts, videos, photos and social media postings, thereby increasing visibility and anticipation for the devices.

Here’s the Maxis10 section on their official Facebook page – right now, they’re looking for reviewers for the HTC Desire Z.

Here’s a few of the Maxis10 squad who were selected to review the HTC HD7 phone (photo by Maxis).

From left: Alex TheBackpackr (ME!), Nicole Msxeroz Chua, Saimatkong Tian Leong, Effi Obefiend Saharudin


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  2. barb g. - November 29, 2010

    I’d love to become one of their reviewers but how do I sign up?
    I’d love to review new phones. directorylanesuperstore(at)

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