Designing a Facebook Cover Photo

At some point, most of those of us on Facebook will need to design a cover photo. You could simply choose a photo and slap it in, but some have chosen a more creative path. Here’s three interesting samples.

You may not need to have such a creative design for your company or church, but you will want to avoid basic mistakes such as blocking important text with your profile photo, like the example I created below.

In order to ensure you save time and get it right on the first try, I’ve prepared a Photoshop template that you can download. It has the Profile Photo on a separate layer that allows you to visualise where it will appear once you put in the main image. It’s easy!

With that, you will be able to craft cover photos with perfect alignment like this.

If you’d like to know the Facebook Cover Photo specifications as at present moment (they change all the time!), here it is in graphical form.

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