Final thoughts about the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7

Some have asked me what I like about the HTC HD7 phone – having used it for 2 weeks, the phone’s biggest attraction for me is the uber-awesome-fun-fantastic-jolly-amazing SCREEN! Its size, coupled with the clarity delivers a great experience for me.

I’ve watched YouTube videos (you need to download the FREE YouTube app from the Marketplace), shown off videos I’ve created and devoured TV series on this amazing phone, I’d almost hail as a mini-TV. I’ve loaded up several episodes of Castle (Grace and I have gotten hooked to it) to watch at our convenience. We’re now able to watch these programs at anytime, especially when traveling or waiting for moronic-government-departments-to-process-goodness-knows-what (that’s just as an EXAMPLE… surely I have never been subjected to that treatment).

If you’re going on a plane or bus with your partner, make sure you invest in this $1.50 device that splits the audio, so that both of you will have a stereo experience when watching programs. You can get it from practically any electronics store like RadioShack, Best Buy or if you’re in Asia like me, I got it from the Chinese electronics guy in my neighbourhood.

Converting videos for the HTC HD7 phone was a simple process and my guide on using Handbrake still holds true except the width settings needs to be set at 1280 for best quality. The HTC HD7 has a whopping 1280×800 resolution (some notebooks don’t even go that high!).

Oh, did I mention that the in-built kickstand for the phone really rocks! I can poise the phone on my desk and watch videos at a comfortable height. It may not seem like a huge feature, but it sure beats having to wedge it between items to get the right angle.

So, honey… wanna snuggle and watch a movie tonight?

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