Five Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People

I love the whole art and science of presentations.

I have read books by Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds on presentation techniques and the whole do’s and don’ts of slide design. It’s inspired me to improve my slides and style of presenting to the point of being “Zen”.

Aside from looking inwards, I feel it’s important to look outwards and see what truly goes through the mind of listeners. This video crafted by Susan Weinschenk¬†explains in a creative manner what presenters need to be mindful about.

My selected key takeaways

20 minutes is the largest chunk of time before you must break the monotony.

People either listen or watch, don’t do both together. Presentation slides must be kept simple as people are more visual than auditory.

Slides with lots of text on them are called… your notes!

Body language, tone of voice are critical when delivering a presentation. How you’re saying it is as important as the message.

What is the call-to-action? Be specific about the objective and verbalise it.

People imitate your emotions. Be animated and excited, if you want that feeling returned.

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