Fix your Macbook power adaptor – DIY style, but easy!

An inherent problem of Macbook and Macbook Pro power adapters is that the cable tends to fray and after more usage, it will cease to work. Reinforce your cable with this quick DIY fix that will help you extend the life of your power supply.


If you want to know how badly the power adapter can get, check out how it smokes and fries in the 2 videos below. Scary stuff!

[stdvid]nbUxBI8-flY[/stdvid] [stdvid]JyLo397H3Pc[/stdvid]

Oh, and for those of you who are into video production, this is the first upload of mine that is in HD. Click here and switch to HD mode to see it in all its glory!

I used a Sony SR-7 camera with AVCHD functionality, and edited it on Final Cut Pro 6.0.1. Here’s a warning… it takes a LONG time to render (or maybe it’s my hand-me-down Macbook Pro that doesn’t handle HD footage too well).

Music credit: Alexander Blu


  1. Chris Rand - January 15, 2009

    Good stuff – thanks for that! Some people say Apple admitted there was a problem here, but I can’t find a reference to it any longer. Anyway, I’ve recounted my MacBook frayed power cord experience here.

    • The Backpackr - January 21, 2009

      Thanks for sharing your experience – it’s totally scary and quite embarrassing for them to release such a flimsy piece of work for such a beautiful machine. Sigh, hopefully they’ll only get better.

  2. Shashikant Khandelwal - June 7, 2011


    The hardware store guy suggested a much better solution – splicing tape – to me. Its working great for me.My adapter went bad at the other end – i.e. the magnetic head where it connects to the laptop. The rubber covering on the cable got softer and softer due to heat and started coming off.I went to the hardware store and talked to the guy. The suggestions I had read about were (a) IDE cable (b) electric tape (c) silicone sealant (d) heat shrink tubing. The IDE cable stuff is good for avoiding this, but once you have your cable screwed up, you need ‘firmer’ solutions. The electric is what I used before but it sticks so bad, and when it comes off, it takes parts of the cable with it.I looked at both sealant and heat shrink at the store, but it looked like they would not be perfect solutions. You need a thicker heat shrink tube to go over the magnetic head of the adapter. And heating the cable is less than ideal. You cannot take the sealant off once ou put it.But a splicing tape ‘fuses on to itself’. It can easily be taken off too. It has a lot of tension when you put it, and it holds very tight. The force can be easily spread uniformly across a longer section of the cable, since you’re using a tape.

  3. Paul - October 27, 2011

    Hi,  Thanks for the post.. you suggested a better option…..  My Macbook adapter went bad….  Hopefully will fix this very soon….
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