Get a Google Analytics Tracking ID

Google has fast become the defacto standard for tracking website statistics, possibly because it’s free, and possibly because it’s relatively quite easy.

If you’re using a WordPress-based website, it’s really easy to insert the Tracking ID that Google gives out to identify your website uniquely. The easiest is to install a plugin like WP Google Analytics or Google Analyticator and add the Tracking ID.

To get started, hop over to and either sign in with an existing Google Account (your Gmail address) or create a new one.

* TIP: If you’re managing a website for a third-party organisation, you may want to associate it with their official account instead of your own personal one!


Sign in with the required Google Account email address and

If it’s your first time using Google Analytics, click “Sign up” on the right.


If it’s not your first time using it, select “Create New Account” from the drop-down list under the Account section.


Now, fill up the details that relate to your account. When done, click “Get Tracking ID” and you’re done!


If you’re using a WordPress plugin, it’s highly likely you will only need the Tracking ID. If you’re embedding it in your theme, you may need the Tracking Code. Copy the appropriate section and paste it into the corresponding WordPress section.

If you’ve engaged a web designer / developer, pass them the Tracking Code – they should know what to do with it.


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