Hackintosh 101: Part 2 – Installing the Mac OS

By now, I presume you have assembled your PC hardware and are just raring to try your hand at installing the Mac OS. This tutorial follows on from Part 1 – Choosing the parts – do watch it first if you haven’t assembled your machine.

Your parts may be different from what I’ve prescribed, and it’s alright. You may have success with what you have already, but in the event you do not, then go watch the video and buy the recommended parts.

Other resources that are handy while building your hackintosh are as follows:

If you have questions on building the Hackintosh, feel free to post them here. I’ll try my best to help you out.


Music credit: Robert Jakob


  1. Frank - September 28, 2008

    Nice installing guide !

    I understand you use your hackintosh for video editing?
    How stable does final cut run? Are there limitations?

    I’m asking this because I want to buy a mac, for video editing, but if a hackingtosh can do the same… for 600 bucks :)

  2. The Backpackr - September 28, 2008

    Hi Frank,

    So far we’ve not had any problem with the hardware that we chose. You have to be careful, especially when choosing the motherboard. Not every motherboard is fully supported by the Mac OS installation discs – some will not have the sound card functioning, etc.

    Our videos are all edited on the Hackintosh, so it does run stable.

    Do let me know how your project goes!

  3. Frank - September 29, 2008

    Last month I tried to install Kalyway leopard on my current system :

    cpu : E6600 @ 2.40 GHz
    gpu : Asus 7900 GT
    mb : Asus P5B delux
    mem : 2.00 Gb 800 MHz
    (This hardware is supposed to be compatible)

    The install went pretty smooth. The sound, Lan and graphics where working without any extra effort. But the system was really unstable… sudden freezes … alot freezes of when opening program’s like iMovie or Adium IM. So it wasnt really nice to work on this system. And I formated the Harddrive.

    But the system you built with the “Leo4all” version, is completely stable? Or do you also experience these unstable symptoms? e.g. freezes, slow work flow, slow / or no power off after shutdown.

    On geekbench a simmilar configuration, like your’s, does really good. Have you tried this benchmark for your system? Looking forward hearing your score :)

  4. The Backpackr - October 10, 2008

    Hey Frank,

    The system I’ve got running is rock stable, iMovie to Skype to Final Cut Pro, etc… runs fine.

    Some symptoms do occur depending on your hardware and software. For instance, the inability to turn off power to the CPU can occur depending on which version of the Mac OS you’ve installed, and what power settings are configured.

    I have run Xbench, but not geekbench and I do get Mac Pro equivalent rankings with it.

  5. Sean - October 13, 2008

    i have a question which software should i use to burn leo4all onto a dvd?


  6. The Backpackr - October 13, 2008

    After you download the Leo4All installer / ISO using a bittorent client, then you can use Toast Titanium on the Mac or Nero on the PC.

    You open the ISO with the program, and it will give you the options to burn it onto a DVD. Then, you boot from the DVD you just burnt.

  7. Scott - October 16, 2008

    I am using the same motherboard as you, P5k Pro, and I can’t get any usb volumes to mount. Any suggestions? Did you have this problem?

  8. The Backpackr - October 16, 2008

    Hey Scott, meaning you can’t plug any thumbdrives in and access them? That’s really weird, it just works out of the box for me.

    Do make sure you’re using the ports at the back of the computer, as those you wire up on the casing might not work if incorrectly wired. Also do check BIOS to make sure you have USB ports enabled.

  9. Scott - October 17, 2008

    I have tested all ports with a USB mouse and they are all working. I can see the external HDD, or USB flash drive in the “System Profiler” but not in “Disk Utility”.

    Did you update your BIOS? Have you upgraded OSX to 10.5.3 – 10.5.5?

    On one of your screen shots you had the Marvell IDE Controller Disabled. This didn’t work for me, probably because I’m using a ATA drive.

  10. The Backpackr - October 18, 2008

    Hey Scott, that’s very weird that you cannot see it under Disk Utility. I have quite a number of My Book drives that we frequently connect and disconnect from the Hackintosh – both via Firewire and USB.

    Then again, as you pointed out, it could be a quirk due to the ATA / IDE drive that is in use, though theoretically, it should be independent.

    Do let us know if you’ve successfully fixed the problem.

    I have just recently upgraded from 10.5.3 to 10.5.4, it’s a tad bit dangerous everytime you upgrade as you never know what could break – I believe if it’s not broken… don’t fix it!

  11. thejedi1 - November 1, 2008

    which NVidia drivers did you install ?

    PS….thank you, this is a great site!!!!

  12. Scott - December 2, 2008

    Sorry I took so long. I did fix the problem by updating the bios. ….I know, that’s the first thing I should have done. But Its working great now.

    Backpackr, how has you system been running. Any crashes, or other problems?

  13. The Backpackr - December 8, 2008

    Hey Scott! It’s GREAT to hear you’ve had success with the Hackintosh. My system is running fine still. My wife Grace uses it to digitize footage while she edits on her Macbook Pro. So we do have a functional Hackintosh, unlike some who build it for kicks and don’t really use it after that.

    Undoubtedly it does crash once in awhile, but overall it’s stable… Heck, my Macbook Pro crashes too! So I’d say it’s fine and dandy. (It sure crashes a lot less than in my Windows Vista days!!!)

  14. Tally7777 - December 9, 2008

    I watched your videos for building a hackintosh and you did a great job explaining the process. I have a similiar MB; Asus p5q pro and was wondering if your process would work for that board???

    From the searches I have seen, it looks like leo4all and ideneb are the 2 most used. I did see where someone got a retail ver to work.

    I have my vista home prem64 working the way I like it w/ Q6600 OC to 3.48ghz. So I am a little nervous to update to a mod bios. I would prefer to dual boot with easybcd (maybe put os x on second hard drive so I dont screw up my current computer). Any help would be appreciative prior to starting.

    Thanx, Scott

  15. The Backpackr - December 9, 2008

    Hey Scott,

    I reckon the Hackintosh would run off the P5Q Pro with no problems. From a Google search, it seems it runs stable (http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=56536).

    I personally like Leo4All, and Kalyway – the both work for me.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t try to install it on the same hard drive as your Vista, as you could wipe it out and lose data. Until you’re confident about installing Leo4All, don’t “test it out” with a live system – I’ve seen others lose data.

    Later on, you can play around with dual-booting – that in itself is quite an art, which does take time to learn.

    Cheers, and I bid you every success!

  16. Tally7777 - December 9, 2008

    Hey thanx.. I tried leo4all first cuz that’s what you used. At the very beginning when you boot from the leo disk and hit any key…IT doesnt’ go any further and reboots. Maybe the version I got (torrent) wasn’t good or I need to reburn the file at 1x speed. ???

    Thanx for the link too. It looks like he used Ideneb. WHat are the differences between the three?

    I am buying a new 250gb HDD as we speak to test it and I have someone sending me a retail ver of Leopard to try first. I want to partition the drive with 50gb for OS X and use the rest for storage when I boot vista. How do I prepare it for that?

    Malaysia huh? I am in Colorado ..Anyway thanx for the help. I really appreciate it.

  17. Scott - December 10, 2008

    I used ideneb 10.5.5 and it worked great! If you use leo4all or kalyway updating to 10.5.5 is a pain. Also I agree with Backpackr, install on a seprate drive. You than can duel boot by just changing the boot order each time you want to switch OS’s.

  18. Indy S. - December 10, 2008

    You mentioned on your second part that you were going to show how to install drivers after the booting. How did you do that.

  19. Indy S. - December 10, 2008

    Oh and I how about the sound. Did it work OOB for you. What sound card did you use.

  20. Cesar - December 11, 2008

    I have a mobo Asus P5B standard and I am having problems getting the sound to work. I googled the audio built in and what I found is that it uses ALC 662. So during install I picked that and no go. Please help if anybody has an Asus P5B and is using internal sound. I’m using iDeneb 10.5.5.

  21. Cesar - December 11, 2008

    Also how do I test out if Quartz is working on this machine. So far so stable.

  22. The Backpackr - December 11, 2008

    @Indy depending on what hardware you use, it may work out of the box, but oftentimes it may not. To find out about compatible sound cards (the non-onboard types), you can check this site – http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.2#Sound_Cards

    @Cesar You might find the kext (kernel extension aka driver) for the sound card if you Google up terms like “kext ALC662”. Here’s a link I found that you might want to try.

    To test if Quartz Extreme is working, click on the Mac icon on the top left of your screen, go to “About this Mac”, click “more info…” and now look for “Graphics/Displays”. If under the “Quartz Extreme” section it says “supported”, then you’re good. Otherwise the kext isn’t doing justice for your video card.

  23. The Backpackr - December 11, 2008

    @Tally7777 The difference between the different OSX installation flavors is the configuration in each. Some load up different drivers and some are configured to work better for certain hardware types.

    There’s so much hardware variety and disparity among PC users, and as such, it results in problems the world over. Some enterprising individuals have spent time to craft installers that try to cater for as many hardware types as possible, and the result is differing installation discs.

    tally, for the second question, I presume you have 2 HDDs in your system – one to boot Vista, and the other for OSX, but on the OSX drive, you want to allocate some space for Vista to write to. If that is the case, when you are in the disk utilities section, set aside a partition of 50GB with the Mac OS Extended Journaled format. Later on in Vista, run the disk management utility and partition/format the remainder of the space in NTFS.

    Hope that helps!

  24. Hinnakb - December 11, 2008


    great how you did it. I don’t have any idea how i may do it!!! but how much money do i have to spend and is it a normal mac, Because i want to use garageband!!!!


  25. The Backpackr - December 11, 2008

    @Hinnakb It seemingly runs all the applications I have thrown at it, including heavyweights such as Final Cut Pro. The cost is really the investment you would spend on a slightly better PC.

    I spent less than USD500, not including software or a monitor.

  26. Tally7777 - December 12, 2008

    Has anyone had any luck with an ATI HD4850 video card? Also is it necessary to flash to a modded Bios? For my MB (asus p5q pro) it is the ver 1406.

    I am doing this to test drive Mac. What are your top 3 things to do on a Mac (vs PC)?

  27. Indy - December 13, 2008

    Thanks for the advice. Actually after I posted the question I found out that the sound was on the motherboard. I still might use a seperate card due to conflicts that I read about. I forgot to tell you that the Tutorials are great. I’ve gotten great info about how to set things up, and actually I am gonna use similar config as you have. One thing that I could find much information about was how you installed the video drivers. Could you give us a run how you did it, where you found the drivers. I think that’s the very important part. I am sure all of the readers would appreciate that.

    Hope to see it soon.

  28. The Backpackr - December 17, 2008

    Thanks for the pat on the back, Indy. We always can use some compliments! :) Most of the video drivers I used were the ones from here – http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=21

  29. shortylovehockey - December 21, 2008

    I was watching your video and followed your steps. I got it to work but i don’t have wifi and i did this on a laptop. Do you have any idea on how to get wifi on it? I assume its missing a driver? Do you know where to get the wireless driver? If you could message me back asap please. I thank you and appreciate your time and cooperation in advance.

    • The Backpackr - December 21, 2008

      First up, you have to identify what network card is embedded on your notebook. Then do a search for the necessary kext (the Mac version of a driver). If it doesn’t exist, then the easiest method around it is to buy a wifi USB stick – not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it works!

  30. azmie_rahman - December 25, 2008

    hai…1st i also malaysian..so proud of u haha…nice job dude…hey i got question..is it possible to do on my acer aspire 4920

    -intelcore duo 2.0ghz
    -4GB RAM
    -mobile intel graphics media accelerator x3100
    -160GB HDD
    i have read lot of forum and watch lot of video..but i think you are the best =)…i really wanna have macbook..but u know..to expensive for students..i hope i can change my acer to macbook..can u help me…

    • The Backpackr - December 29, 2008

      Hey Azmie,

      Thanks for the positive comment. As Blake says, the issue is not the processor, RAM or HDD. The most sensitive are the video card and motherboard (together with all the on-board functions like wifi, ethernet, etc…). A good starting point is to google the exact model and see what others have done.

      All the best!

  31. Blake - December 26, 2008


    I myself have not gotten OSX 86 to work, as the laptop i plan to put it on has not come in yet, and my PC’s are all old…

    But i have done MUCH research, and i know that the x3100 is the same GPU as in the Macbooks…so IN THEORY, should work fine…RAM is generally not important (as long as u have at least 1-2 gigs) and the processor, being core 2 duo, should work aswell..

    But a simple google search with your model should give you a definitive answer.


  32. azmie_rahman - December 30, 2008

    hai…thanx for the reply…i did some research on google…what i found is the acer aspire one A150 only can run leopard so far….. now i start 2 think it may be can happen 2 my acer also since its not to differ between this 2 labtop right??i think haha im not that pro in computer..just amateur try 2 start involve hehe now im waiting to finish download my leo4all…4GB!!!hope you guys can give me more advice so that im not broke my labtop hehe

  33. Jimit - January 3, 2009

    Hey, great video and tutorial. I was wondering if this can be done with a Intel Pentrium 4 processor with Ht. This is my old computer but it runs really smoothly and everything. Its at 2.80ghz has 2gigs of ram. SSE 2 instructions. In addition it has a 120 gb hdd.Its basically the Sony vaio pcv-rs420 with an asus motherboard. Just wondering if its possible. My friend has done it and he said it goes faster than xp and everything. But i rather have info from an expert. Thanks dude.

  34. Waso - January 13, 2009

    Is there any drivers for an A Nvidia 5500 128 MB

  35. Brandon - January 18, 2009

    Hi I got a Dell Dimension 3100. Can I put Mac OSX on it and it will work? Like internet and stuff like that? Oh by the way i got a Nvidia Geforce 6000 256 MB card

  36. ahmed - February 3, 2009

    please i have aproble with my installition ,when i boot for the first time it give me “still wait for root divice” ,I manage to solve this problem by putting apen drive formating fat32 .
    i finish the install but when it boot for the first time it hang on apple logo help please
    im in malaysia now can u build one for me please??

  37. Blake - February 3, 2009

    I have a old custom built PC that has an Intel D850MD mobo and a Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0Ghz, 1 GB 800Mhz RDRAM, a couple of good size hard drives and a Nvidia 7600 video card. I’m finding all my hardware on the 10.5.2 or 10.5.5 OSx HCL with the exception of the 850 chipset. Any thoughts on this?

    Great video, by the way.

    • The Backpackr - February 13, 2009

      Wow, RDRAM, Blake… that’s a pretty old set up, and I don’t think any factory manufactured Macs shipped with it. As such, it’s hard to say whether it will work or not. I think the video card should work fine, it’s just the motherboard.

      Give it a shot and I bid you success!

  38. Mac OSX, Mozilla Firefox and the tab sequence | TheBackpackr.com - February 4, 2009

    […] 8:00 am If you’ve just gotten a new Mac, taken it out of the shiny box (or started off with Hackintoshes like me!), then installed Mozilla Firefox, you might wonder why the tab button does not move the […]

  39. One - February 11, 2009

    Pls help.. I’m trying to build a MAC PC for myself n I got these parts as follows..

    Processor: Q6600 (2.4G)
    Motherboard: ASUS P5Q SE/R
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT (1GB)
    RAM: 4GB (2 pieces of 2GB)
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)
    OS: Original MAC OSX 10.5.6 LEOPARD

    How do I go about putting these together? Are they compatiable? Pls Pls Pls help me…

  40. ahmed - February 15, 2009

    ok the backpackr i well buy it from u , but how much ??
    amd are living in kl , im in cheras tamman conught
    ucsi student
    just let me know (how much the unit) and please make acopy for
    the operation system (hackintosh)
    thanks in advance

  41. Roels - February 20, 2009

    please i have any problem with my lan system, it’s my spec :
    Mboard : Asus P5GZ-MX
    Lan : Marvell 88E8001 PCI Gigabite Lan Controller

    When I want to connect to internet via lan (Ethernet) mr. Leop4 10.5.5 do not detect the device. can u help me ?? Thanks

  42. Victor - February 21, 2009

    I think I need some help, I had used Leo4All in my current PC (Vaio VGC-RB51M) an had no trouble, not even with the intel 915 integrated graphics, but i would like to build one whit better specs, so my questions are, what other Core 2 Quad processor would you recommend?, how about running Final Cut Pro Studio 2?, Is there any Leo4All version with OSX 10.5.6?


    PD: Nice video

    • The Backpackr - March 21, 2009

      Hi Victor, you can use any recently released Intel processor with no problems. It’s the motherboard you have to watch out for. FCS2 runs fine, we use it all the time and it sure beats our MBPs flat out anytime in render.

      At present, we don’t have any Leo4Alls with 10.5.6, as far as I know. But some people have had success with upgrading their rigs. You could try it, though it is more time consuming, and could potentially break a stable running machine.

  43. Michele - February 27, 2009

    Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing. Setup my hackintosh yesterday although I used iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 on an AMD machine, the install went smoothly and everything works – even my Seagate Freeagent external usb drive. In case anyone can use the nfo, specs on the machine: Asus A8N5X board (using the onboard sound), 2G hyperx ram, 7600GT video, 320G WD sata drive.

  44. kemar - March 8, 2009

    hay whats up am realy hoping you can help me i have a dell demension 3000 and i realy wana run leo4all on it
    first of all (1) where can i get leo4all to download,(2 will i get all the drivers to work such as video,LAN,sound to work? i realy need help

    • The Backpackr - March 21, 2009

      Kemar, you will need to learn how torrents work to get a copy of Leo4All. I can’t help you with that part, but Google is your friend. As for the second question, a simple G-search on “dell dimension 3000 hackintosh” showed me this and this. Learn how to Google up specific results, mate.

  45. obinna - March 13, 2009

    help i cant buy a mac i live in canada abbotsford bc townline 3004
    i realy need help

  46. fuzzniq - March 26, 2009

    hi.i alredi try installing 10.5.2 and it succeed. can anyone tell me how to update it?i try but never succeed.always crash on the way it update.

  47. Stanley - March 30, 2009

    Hey Alex! I was doing some research, finally found a video that gives a great tutorial (Yours). But, I am still worried about the parts to choose. Do you have a wishlist from newegg so I can get the parts right off the bat? Thanks in advance!

  48. Stanley - March 30, 2009

    In the mean time I will go ahead and see if I can find the exact same parts as you have listed on your video.

  49. burkee - April 4, 2009

    i run the hackintosh on my PC runing a dell ispiron e1705 when im done the internet doesnt work no sound …can someone help /

  50. Jonathan - May 2, 2009

    hey! nice video! i like it!

    first question is
    how did that final cut pro work out? you never showed it

    and second

    what about ilife 09 or 08 stuff like that?

  51. Jonathan - May 2, 2009

    how come the os does not see my hard drive? its internal

  52. Jonathan - May 2, 2009

    i mean IDE i think!

  53. imon - May 9, 2009

    i already install leo4all and it boots up but it freezes on tha boot on dns or someting

    Q660 intel Quad Core
    asus p5q motherboard
    3gb RAM crucial balistix
    sata Blueray drive
    9800 GT Nvidia

  54. 4tell - May 21, 2009

    excellant video, hi i have problems with my m/b to. i tried iatkos tried ideneb the only osx was leo4allv3 that i installed and worked and tha only problem with that was no firewire working because my sound interface card is firewire, and no internet.

    8GB DRR2 RAM

  55. TheKaligula - May 21, 2009

    I am trying to install on my ASUS P5K (BIOS 1201) + E8400 + Geforce 8600GT + HDD Seagate 120Gb SATA + HDD 500GB WD SATA and it did not.

    I’ve tried several “distros” like ideneb v1.3, iatkos v5.i, Kalyway …without success. Whenever I get the forbidden symbol. If I boot in text mode to be in “Still waiting for root device”.

    Can you help me please ??? I dont know if the AHCI mode in the BIOS could be the reason ?? It’s not posible to use SATA as IDE mode ??

    Thx !!!

  56. NeedHelpWithIdeneb - June 1, 2009

    Hello this is my configuration can you tell me how to set the Bios on my motherboard Asus A8N5X , so i can install the iDeneb_v1.4_OSx86_ISO or which version should i choose that fits good my pc if that one doesn’t ? Network Adapter: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller, Motherboard: Asus A8N5X, Chipset: nVidia nForce4, Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000 + @ 1800 MHz Physical Memory: 1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM)
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS Hard Disk: MAXTOR (80 GB), DVD-Rom Drive: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D ATA Device Monitor Type: Samsung SyncMaster – 17 inches, Audio Device: nForce4 AC’97 Audio Controller . Thanx :)

  57. NeedHelpWithIdeneb - June 1, 2009

    Forgott to say my video card is 256mb ram ddr3 :)

  58. tizouap - June 17, 2009

    hello man … thanks a lot for your tuto its the most comprhensible ( my english is no good)
    i try to find all the hardware but all i found but i can t find the motherboard anymore so i take her evolution so the P5Q PRO from asus too …..
    i take two -iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 and -Kalyway10.5.6 ( for this i must tap CPUS=1 for launchnig ) and the two is ok like your video installtion succefull but when she rebooting after hes blok on grise tv whit apple but not with turn ….

    maybe do you see ? i go to insanly mac but in english is very complicate ….. thanks a lot

  59. shaktinaresh2010 - June 26, 2009

    Processor: core2quad Q9550 (2.8G)
    Motherboard: MSI P45 Platinum
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512MB)
    RAM: 4GB (2 pieces of 2GB)
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    CD: Sony DVD RW/R (IDE)
    OS: Ideneb MAC OSX 10.5.6 LEOPARD

    I’ve tried several “distros” like ideneb v1.4, iatkos v5.i, Kalyway …without success. Whenever I get the forbidden symbol. If I boot in text mode to be in “Still waiting for root device”.

    Can you help me please ??? I dont know if the AHCI mode in the BIOS could be the reason ?? It’s not posible to use SATA as IDE mode ??

    • The Backpackr - June 26, 2009

      One of the “Still waiting for root device” problems is due to the AHCI setting in the BIOS. Change that and try again. The favoured distro of choice for me at present is the iPC 10.5.6

  60. shaktinaresh2010 - June 27, 2009

    Processor: core2quad Q9550 (2.8G)
    Motherboard: MSI P45 Platinum
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512MB)
    RAM: 4GB (2 pieces of 2GB)
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    HDD: 500GB (SATA)Seaget
    CD: Sony DVD RW/R (IDE)
    OS: Ideneb MAC OSX 10.5.6 LEOPARD

    i have alraedy use IPC 10.5.6 and Ideneb 10.5.6 and change bios setting Sata to AHCI.then also i am not able to install this distos. when i use ipc 10.5.6 and try use -v and press enter my system restart. and when i used ideneb 10.5.6 white screen came with apple logo and one circle is rotating.after that my machin will hang. and i am not able to do anything. please help me you are my last hope. i am video editor student and i am not able to buy apple machine. and i want to make hackintosh for study purpose of final cut pro.

  61. Diego - June 29, 2009

    sorry … I did something wrong, think..

    I’ve installed leo4all v4 with os 10.5.4

    I’Have a MSI board, k9n neo v3 with an athlon 64 x2 @ 4400, I don’t have the right drivers…
    doesn’t works usb, ethernet,
    I have a nvidia geforce 7200gs

    I have my pc connected to a full hd tv, the driver shows me I had no other resolution but 1024×768 and I want 1920×1080!!!! 😀

    could you helpme please!!!! what should I do??

  62. Diego - June 29, 2009

    ok thanks a lot…. but, what do you think about my USB ports???? or the rest of the components, I’ve not drivers for network

    thank you thank you a lot!!!!!!!!

  63. Arena - July 17, 2009

    Hi Backpackr
    This is my first time comment on your website. could you give me a suggestion for install mac osx on pc. i had been tried several time install mac os x on pc but every time was failed. currently i used hp pavillion dv2700 laptop,vista home edition and i also want to dual boot with mac os x. Question is how to change the BIOS setting when install mac os x on pc ? when i watched your but not clearly understand because so many thing to do. could you show me one by one to change BIOS settings. thxz

  64. Waso - July 18, 2009

    I would try iATKOS v7 its the best and almost works with all drivers Ive tried it on my 1545

  65. Anil - July 23, 2009

    nice startup guide. Thanks a lot.

    i sucessfully installed mac os x on core2duo ,intel 41 motherboard.
    but ethernet card and video drivers are not installed.
    its not detecting the ethernet card. why? plz can anyone know the answer. plz reply

    • TheBackpackr - July 25, 2009

      You might want to look for the relevant kext files. Google the ethernet card brand and video driver. You might want to put in a standard external Nvidia card which is guaranteed to work.

      Not all hardware works seamlessly.

  66. Sangmin Lee - August 10, 2009

    Is it possible to use an EVGA motherboard?

  67. Tiago - August 19, 2009

    Nice tutorial.
    One question. Do you already try a newer version of this? I mean, you installed 10.5.2. There´s 10.5.8 out there, right? If the answer is positive, can you tell us what version we can try and if is the same proced you did with 10.5.2…


    (sorry about my english, i dont really speak this language)

  68. TheBackpackr - August 20, 2009

    @Tiago: You can use the iPC flavor, where they have a more updated build (I believe the latest version is 10.5.6). This video was produced months and months ago.

    @Sangmin: Sorry, no experience with the eVGA motherboards.

  69. jamm - September 3, 2009

    I really want to try this. Will this work on my compaq SR5152nx – AMD 64 X2 4000+ – 250 G HDD – NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE- 2G MEMORY. Plus I use Belkin wirelss G USB adapter

  70. Ibrahim - September 18, 2009

    Hey I watched your video it was great but everytime I try to install it. It asks for which destination would you like to install and my hard drive doesn’t appear. Any suggestions?

  71. Diano - October 31, 2009

    Hey there.

    Just one question, as you seem the one that could help:)

    im installing iatkos v7 goes great up to installing screen,but than when i hit utilytis,i have no disks to choose from.I formated my comp and set it to 2 partitons,anything i can do so my disks could get recognized?Set something in bios or? i browsed the web a bit had no luck so far.Anyways thx in advance for ure help.


  72. Axoth - November 8, 2009

    Hello TheBackpackr,

    Can you tell me if my hardware is capable of running OS X

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4200+
    NVIDIA GeFore 6600GT
    Intel PRO 1000 MT Network Connection
    Integrated Soundmax Digital Audio
    Asus A85 X

    I think I might be able to run iPC?

  73. gabriel - November 16, 2009

    Acer Aspire 5335
    i successfully installed snow leapord build 10a432 universal
    but i want to know what drivers to install to it and from where, im having
    a hard time googlin my butt off trying to find these. any help would be an end to this drama. thanks, you did a really good job on the tutorial. you should be proud of it. :)

  74. harry - December 5, 2009

    Hey does anybody know if the MSI G41M4 motherboard is suitable to use.

  75. Gary 4000 - January 1, 2010


    my dell mini 10v hackintosh works great. everything except imovie that is. when i try to open the program , a pop off appears stating “Quartz Extreme required.” How do i fix this?

  76. harry - January 15, 2010

    Hey does anybody know if you can install Snow Leopard on a MSI G41M4 motherboard. I bought a legal copy of snow Leopard but was initialy gonna install the os by using leo4all then update it with snow ;eopard. After the initial boot up, I get the apple logo then loads of data is shown on screen as if its trying to instal. The last line states “System uptime in Nanoseconds 937119014″ but the cursor is not flashing and its been like that for a few hours.

    I have tried changing the Bios setting but havent had any luck. I did notice that i dont have the option to select AHCI. Apart from the mothrerboard, I know that video card, ram and processor are all compatable. Neither my hard drive or dvd rom are SATA, could this be the problem. Any advice gratefully accepted. If anybody wants to email direct my email is harry.147@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks.

  77. iMaK - January 20, 2010

    hey bro i have dell xps m1530,
    i dont know that much about my computer can you tell me that is the Mac OS is compatible with my machine???

  78. Dante - January 29, 2010

    Hi all, this is my first comment, I hope u people can help me.
    I have an old HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop. I am not sure the specifications.
    I’m using Kalyway and install Hackintosh on external HD: WD 320GB Blue.
    After Installation finsihed then it restarts.
    But it’s not going well then It stuck in Apple Logo with circle icon rotating continuously.
    How can I solve this problem, anyone please help me…

  79. dmitry - February 2, 2010


    yes it will work. ipc 10.5.6 dvd

  80. dmitry - February 2, 2010


    do not install mac osx on external drive!.

  81. macman - February 7, 2010

    nice tutorial the only thing i would like to know is where can i find the leo for all download.

    thank you

  82. Abhishek Indoria - February 9, 2010


    I have downloaded and burned the DVD of Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my PC. I have Intel Pentium 4 PC with 2.4 GhZ, with 3 GiB RAM and 1 T.B. HDD space and my PC supports SSE3. I have around 200 GiB free space(unpartitioned, unformatted) on my PC. Okay, so now, whenever I boot using the DVD, it freezes on Apple logo, and I do not see any DVD lights blinking or HardDisk working. Okay, so I watched a few videos on the internet, and then I found that I had to use ” -v ” option to boot it. I used it, but after loading a few lines(6-7?) the screen blinks once, goes black and it freezes.(In other videos, after blinking, some more instructions are displayed, but not on mine)

    I can’t get my computer to run Snow leopard. Can you please help me?

    Thank you very much,


  83. icemanpro - February 10, 2010

    I’m going crazy and need some assistance. I’ve used all kinds of software to try and get an apple os x on my amd sepron 3000+ 64 bit. I have a hitachi 320 gig hd, 2 gig mem. standard vga video do you have any solutions?

  84. geo - February 15, 2010

    hiya how do i install my nividia graphics card drivers and lan support after i have installed leopard?

  85. danny - February 16, 2010

    does any one know wifi driver (wm 3945abg) for mac ?????
    laptop is hp dv2700.

    Ethernet- working.
    sound – working.
    VGA- working.
    usb- working.

    wifi-not working
    battery icon does not showon on menu bar.
    headphone- not working.
    DVD rooms- not working.

  86. spencer123 - February 22, 2010

    hi, i have a question..
    what would happen to my aa1(acer aspire one) if i install os x to it?
    what if i install it, and then some parts of the computer dont work, i mean like the speakers, or the webcam, or the microfone, or the trackpad….

  87. Arena - February 23, 2010

    hi, i’ve one question. mac 10.5.8 battery icon is missing on menu bar.
    – in system preferences–> energy saver –> missing ” show on menu bar icon ”

    – in system –> library–> core services–> menu extra. if i click battery menu but icon doesn’t appear . it show only ” No battery available “.

    I want to know what problems and need to find battery driver or not ?

  88. Raghu - March 7, 2010

    i saw your youtube videos.. awesome..thanks on behalf of my friend.
    but now, I want to know whether it is possible to run pirated FCP and Logic studio 9 on hackintosh .. if yes what are the H/W requirements for it to run it smoothly.


    • TheBackpackr - March 8, 2010

      Hi Raghu, I’m sorry, I cannot comment on pirated FCP as I do support purchasing fully legalized software.

      For legal software, it’s best to run on Quad cores with as much RAM as you can muster, with a minimum of 2GB.

  89. Raghu - March 8, 2010

    which version of osX ,e.g 10.5.2 , you will recommend so as to run maximum ‘i’ softwares without any obstacles .

  90. scott m - March 20, 2010

    Hi I have watched your videos and i think that they are great.
    I’ve just got one question though. When i put in my leo4all disc it boots up and when i press enter it starts loading some files then it restarts my computer what should i do?

  91. jOsUe - March 30, 2010

    Hi, I have a question.. this hackintosh will work with a processor pentium dual core 1.6ghz and a motherboard ASROCK G31M-S 2.0 with the internal graphics INTEL GMA 3100 DIRECTX 9.0 please answer my question.

  92. Duwanz - April 6, 2010

    Hi TheBackpackr,
    I very interesting see ur video about Hackintosh..
    but u do it in 2008… now 2010…
    so can u suggest for me the main LATEST specs at this moment within budget
    because i want try to do it..

  93. Ryan - April 9, 2010

    Hey, Would this work on a intel i3 530. Thanks

  94. Reen - April 17, 2010

    I want to run mac os x 10.6 to my pc but I v no idea where to get it. As I know the software from apple only can use on mac book only. Can you help me?

  95. chris boozer - May 21, 2010

    can it run parallels?I would like to run win7 premium and ubuntu alongside osx.how would I do this?

  96. Cl0ttERS - June 6, 2010

    I know this isn’t my site but I know of a good way to get a dual boot going.


    This is a “Graphical Boot Manager” which enables you to select which partition you wish to boot from.

    Burn the .iso file in the downloads section of http://gag.sourceforge.net/ with Nero or Imgburn (Free) then boot it from your BIOS.

    Then set it up via the “S” key, and test the settings out, and when you’re finished make sure you write settings to your hard drive – its incredibly annoying forgeting to and applying all the settings again!

    It certainly works via Linux, XP, and hopefully Mac 😉

    Only problem is that it doesn’t read partition labels so you have to sort of guess where each os is located, and get “labels” like HFS+ Partition or NTFS drive, etc – Annoying, but harmless

    Hope it helps :)

  97. DSH - June 17, 2010

    Hello i got iaktos v7 and i installed Final Cut Pro 7 and Color. Color does work but when i start FCP 7 after loading screen it crashes can you tell me where to look for your post of installing FCP and oh yea what version are you using of FCP i got core 2 quad, gigabyte main board ultra durable i got 9600gt nvidia 6gb of ram and my FCP crash on start pls if you can point me somewhere to check this thing and resolve it…!? tnx in front m8

  98. Mohammed - June 17, 2010

    I have watched your video and its great.

    but you have mentioned in the end of the video that we have to make sour the graphics driver should be loaded.
    i can see from the System Profile window, the details of the graphics driver and its not loaded so from where i can update my driver ?

    my graphics driver is : ATI HD 3470.

  99. Raghu - July 1, 2010

    I am soon gonna buy Mac mini.. But the thing is i can invest either on mac or on logic..so can anybody tell me if hacked logic can run on genuine mac ?

  100. Rex - July 30, 2010

    how to burn?
    i have MAC OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 [SSE2-SSE3] FOR INTEL-AMD iso file?
    and power iso and nero 8

    but does not work …
    any help please?

  101. Cliff - August 5, 2010

    Hi Scott, I have downloaded kalyway Mac os 10.5.3 and is working find on my VAIO desktop but the problem I have is that I cannot install final cut 7 am getting a statment that I needed to have at OS X 10 .6, can I do an update to 10.6.2, also which one of the hackintouch will allow me to install final cut 7?

  102. Cliff - August 5, 2010

    Hi Scott I watched your video and it seemed easy to install, what is the latest version you will suggest i use

  103. hl - August 15, 2010

    Quick question. I had the hack installed on my pc. Everything was running fine for a while. Then when i updated itunes, once I restarted my resolution changed. Everything was bigger and I could not change resolution because it only had one choice to choose from. And I cant connect to the internet anymore. Airport wont turn on.

    Will installing leopard 10.6 again help?


  104. carlos - August 17, 2010

    amigo instalei mac os no meu pc mas a placa de som on bord esta com problema que placa de som off bord devo instalar tenho uma encore 5.1 enm232-6via mas nao encomtyro drivers para ela

  105. fab - October 13, 2010

    Hi Backpackr,

    I have a macbook pro i5 laptop, but the system does not recognize or boot leopard, but recognize windows 7 and linux, can I install windows 7 and then leopard with leo4all.

    If is yes where can I download leo4all and its size


  106. john lee - October 27, 2010

    Hi There,

    i wanted to set up a Hackintosh using i7 8cores…can u please advice me on the mother board and graphic card that work please. Thanks.



  107. xfxnetwork - October 30, 2010

    Hey thebackpackr…
    Excellent video. Just one favor..
    I have no luck on finding the leo4all torrent.
    Can you please suggest an alternative and give me the link please!
    At least via Pm with my email..


  108. kiel - November 1, 2010

    hey, im trying to install snow leo 10.6 and i tried to follow your instructions but when i try to install it, it freezes on the first apple logo page

  109. Richard Ang - November 27, 2010

    I did not see if you could work with final cut pro without problems on this hackintosh ??
    Do you think it can work with a laptop Sony Vaio i5 or i7 ??
    because you did it with a asus motherboard (why ??) anything special with that asus or it could work with any intel based motherboard ??
    Thanks for opening the knowledge I really appreciatte

  110. TheBackpackr - November 28, 2010

    FCP works fine on the hackintosh. As for the Sony Vaio, you’ll have to Google it.

    The OS is rather picky with hardware, so it’s best to follow as closely as possible.

  111. Arellanojaja - December 16, 2010

    my hackintosh is runing good all except for my audio and internet i cant get either to work kinda stuck on that i have a Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 any help i can get some help thanks!

  112. Arellanojaja - December 17, 2010

    my hackintosh is runing good all except for my audio and internet i cant get either to work kinda stuck on that i have a Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 any help i can get some help thanks!

  113. Kareen Ricketts - January 31, 2011

    hi i am very new to this but i am having issues…leo4all was installed successfully and i got the screen u did when it restarted..only thing is it froze on the black screen…so it didnt get to load my welcome screen etc…what should i do…i am running a MSI P45 platinum board…3gb core 2 duo 8400 cpu…256 sata ..512mb Geforce 9400 grafix card…o and 2gb 800 mhz corsair ram (1gb each stick)

  114. Kareen Ricketts - January 31, 2011

    hi i am very new to this but i am having issues…leo4all was installed successfully and i got the screen u did when it restarted..only thing is it froze on the black screen…so it didnt get to load my welcome screen etc…what should i do…i am running a MSI P45 platinum board…3gb core 2 duo 8400 cpu…256 sata ..512mb Geforce 9400 grafix card…o and 2gb 800 mhz corsair ram (1gb each stick)

  115. Kooper - July 7, 2011

    First of all thanks for your tutorial. It worked perfectly for me. I don’t know much about mac os and i’d like to know how you set up my graphic card ( nvidia 8800 gt ) after instalation. I found how to change the resolution but my monitor frequency seems to be to low. In fact, I try to use dual-screen, but the second one is not recognized. ( I saw in the tuto that you don’t install any third party graphic drivers but i don’t how to do that now that the os is installed ).

    Some help would be extremely appreciated.

    PS: I know that this thread is “a bit” old but it did the job, so…
    PPS: Sorry for my english…I’m french

  116. JAckie - August 26, 2011

    load the kext using kext helper

  117. Brian K - September 27, 2011

    please help me. my bios has no option for setting the SATA drive to AHCI mode. i am given a very basic selection of options. please help!

  118. Brian K - September 27, 2011

    There is  no option in my bios to change SATA to AHCI mode. Please help me!

  119. foujnd - October 28, 2011

    i just want to install a mac os on my laptop    but i don’t know how to do it

  120. luosfen - November 22, 2011

    Thanks for your step by step installation video!

  121. Ashish - August 13, 2012

    i have seen your videos and they are realy helpfull mate :). i have same configuration pc tht u assemble but i am unaware of MAC OS version to be downloaded from torrent to get installed. Basicaly i want to use FCP x on my pc for video editing.Which toreent should i download to make a bootable MAc OS for fcp x ..please help

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