Interactive Tools & Toys to Engage Your Audience

In September, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to various SMEs in Malaysia as part of an initiative by DiGi to help promote social media and online marketing to assist businesses improve themselves. After the pleasantries, Fan Chen Yip, Group Account Director for Carat Malaysia spoke, providing lots of statistics proving how there will be a huge increase in the need for social media.

Like Fan, I was given only 30 minutes to complete my presentation entitled, “Interactive Tools & Toys to Engage Your Audience“. I began with an interesting look at the current statistics of the digital landscape, so that I could illustrate how important the digital component is in businesses. Then I proceeded to touch on social media buzztopics like Facebook and Twitter.

Other tools that I spoke about were SEO, online payment, e-newsletters, video and flash games. Some asked for the slides, and I am providing them here.

After the presentations, DiGi brought on stage a trio who performed a skit. I must say, it was well done, and it showcased 2 salesmen trying to sell a massage chair. One was equipped with traditional brochures, and the other, with modern day tools. It’s obvious who triumphed, but the underlying message was how important it is to have data at our fingertips.

The evening ended with a tour of the DiGi headquarters, fondly known as D’House. As I had visited their premise before, I declined the tour and opted to speak to some of the participants who had questions. It was really great getting to know these varied individuals who represent many different industries.

Here are some awesome photos of their office, taken by a blogger known as Soulie.

For those who wanted a copy or link of the video on statistics that I showed, it’s from here.

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