Introducing Apple’s Siri

In case you don’t know yet, Miss Siri is Apple’s smart artificial intelligence application that let’s you ask voice questions and get voice replies.

You can ask for the weather, send text messages, do math calculations, ask for directions (women, you’ll be glad your men now ask!), and a whole lot more. It’s full potential is yet to be known, but some videos have popped up that show you the potential.

Siri even has a sense of humour. If you tell her, “I love you”, you’ll get a reply, “I hope you don’t say that to those other mobile phones”. Oh boy, I can see all the men trying this out with their new iPhone 4s phones. *faint*

I guess we’re entering a new era where speaking to your devices will become the norm. Now all I want is, “Siri, do my dishes and collect my laundry” – will that be in the iPhone 5?


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