McDonalds McValue Lunch short film

logo-mcvalue_lunchAs our Integricity office is right beside a McDonalds outlet, our team frequents it quite a lot and more so now that there is a McValue lunch promotion! We even have our in-house ambassador named Follen, who can dine on McDonalds exclusively! (We think she gets phone calls from them to inform her of what’s up and coming!)

A satisfying meal for a mere RM5.95? That’s a pretty sweet deal, and I thought so. When Grace and I found out there was a contest going on to write a creative blog post, we seized the opportunity to compete, as we do believe in the McValue lunches! We discussed a concept, whipped out our Canon 5D Mark 2 DSLR camera, a few lenses and off we went to McDonalds.

We also invited a good buddy, Joseph, to come along with us as he enjoys photography and videography too. Armed with our gear, we battled the traffic at the drive-thru and secured our spot. The friendly faces of the McDonalds crew were a delight to work with and they were ever so supportive of our crazy ideas!

Alright, enough about the history behind it, here’s our innovative and creative video clip, that is infused with some humor… NOW HAND OVER THE IPHONE… please?

Please leave me a comment!


If you have a faster Internet connection, do click on the HD icon above to watch it in MUCH better high-def quality!

Ingredients for a successful McValue Lunch:

  • Canon 5D Mark 2 and a tripod
  • 50mm F1.4, 135mm F2.0, 17-40mm F4, 70-200mm F4
  • 1 MacBook Pro
  • 1 iPhone (borrowed from Jo. Thanks!)
  • 1 wheelchair
  • A pair of Crocs
  • 1 McDonalds VIP sticker
  • Some friendly faces from the McDonald’s drive-thru
  • A beautiful and skilled wife
  • A friend named Joseph
  • Oh, and 2 McValue meals of course! (which sure beat an average plate of noodles!)

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of us having fun while filming.

Friendy Halim and I at the Bandar Utama drive-thru

Friendy Halim and I at the Bandar Utama drive-thru

Grace and Jo setting up the 5DMkII to pull focus

Grace and Jo setting up the 5DMkII to pull focus

Joseph shooting a close-up of the iPhone

Joseph shooting a close-up of the iPhone

Weaving between cars was a challenge!

Weaving between cars was a challenge!


  1. Louis - May 28, 2009

    This is so funny! You can consider an acting job! Love the vid quality I am seeing from 5D MKII

  2. yungyaw - May 28, 2009

    Good! Kill 2 birds with one stone. This can be the advertisement for McDonald’s and iPhone. It’s fun making video with 5D MKII.

  3. Galvin - May 28, 2009

    Great stuff and definitely a funny short film. I like the iPhone part. LOL

  4. jonlow - May 28, 2009

    this is too hillarious :) nice one dude! how can i vote for your video?

  5. Daniel - May 28, 2009

    Burst out laughing, you’re quite the actor. Encouraging ideas of my own short film, maybe I should take my 5D out for a vid production as well :)

    Anyway here are some suggestions, you could possibly include some traffic at the drive thru to make it more realistic.

    Also, there was possibly some dust on the sensor which is more apparent on HD. Not too sure whether there’s a way to PS it out in video.

  6. The Backpackr - May 28, 2009

    Louis: Yup, 5DMkII vid quality is nice, of course YouTube dulls it somewhat.

    jonlow: It’s not a voting based contest, they’ll judge what they think is creative, and I hope this video is sufficiently creative!

    Daniel: Yeah, there’s some dust on the 135mm lens we borrowed from Joseph… sigh… *sniff* anyhow, it makes it more real :) haha…

  7. demonick - May 28, 2009

    wah…can get academy award already…a statuette of Ronald McDonald’s that is…hehe…but good job…how come didn’t ask Follen to participate?

  8. Peter Lim - May 28, 2009

    very good…….. now u can selling it to McD’s and Apple

  9. visithra - May 28, 2009

    ehehehe that was so funnny ;p omg

  10. Aaron Peter Bernard - May 28, 2009

    Great job guys!! What an amazing camera+lens, that! Oh! Is that Apple’s iChair Roller ii you’re on?! Take care, Alex…

  11. PauLOS - May 28, 2009

    Incredibly funny… :) just thought that the burger that was consumed was not a Big Mac.. but some other burger 😛 (A Cheese burger perhaps)

  12. Bob lay - May 28, 2009

    Very funny …. I especially like the part where you shot the close up of McD Delivery with2 wheels cut to you put up the McD VIP drive through sticker, excellent metaphor ….

  13. JLow - May 28, 2009


    Fantastic! You are a natural in front of the camera, man!

  14. Marianne - May 28, 2009

    yeahhhh, what happened to the bigmac?? can’t fit into the mouth? haha

  15. mich - May 28, 2009

    Very creative Alex. I am loving it!

  16. The Backpackr - May 28, 2009

    Hey Paul & Marianne, it IS a Big Mac. I squished it a little to let it fit in, but it IS… Watch the HD version, you can see all the burger patties.

  17. jules - May 28, 2009

    other than being stylo, any other reason to wear crocs even though you don’t have to walk? :-p

    haha, funny la. you can do part 2 and teach ppl how to do sign language for french fries and apple pie!

  18. Melvin Migin - May 28, 2009

    omg, had no idea you’re such a good actor. really comical, enjoyed the clip. well done! =]

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  20. Mei Mei - May 28, 2009

    It’s pretty darn funny & cool! Thumbs up to the Gralexs!!!

  21. Robin Ng - May 28, 2009

    wow….nice video…u r good actor! wish you all the best…

  22. Jenz - May 28, 2009

    Very creative. good job!

  23. Steve - May 28, 2009

    nice one!!

    did the other cars think it was weird that you were queuing up in a wheelchair?

  24. Louis - May 28, 2009

    What do you get if you win the contest? 1-year free supply of McD?

  25. Winston Khor - May 28, 2009

    Well done!! Wanna shoot free commercials for me? LOL

  26. Su - May 28, 2009

    Nice clip! Never expected such good video quality from a DSLR.

  27. Kenneth Hiew - May 28, 2009

    Hilarious!!! Quite the natural actor, Alex, your expressions really made me laugh. I couldn’t figure out what the two fingers above the head was till I saw the “chicken fingers” and figured you wanted beef 😀 I just wonder if you could streamline the message to just the point of “McDonalds drive through – anybody’s a VIP with a sticker” and emphasize and exaggerate on that. The lightning symbol on the shirt is perhaps an Ang-Lee-esque touch to show your zippiness despite being wheel chair bound and a mute. Great try, and please keep it going!

  28. StefanieLim - May 28, 2009

    Wahahahahaha~~~~ This video clip is funny! I am sure is a sufficiently creative advertisement!
    I especially like the part where you used sign language showed that you want a BigMac and not a McChicken, and of course the way you put the BigMac into your small mouth, look yummy~~ hahaha…

    ps: You bought the small size of BigMac? I can’t see all the burger patties, except the cheese, vegetables, breads and sauce.
    Anyway, luckily it can fit into your mouth…LOL =)

  29. Milan Teh - May 28, 2009

    Great idea & video! This is so good and funny! Except some gigantic dust spots around the end of the video? =P One more, I wonder if the ‘funny element’ would be increased if you get a ‘white thingy’ to wrap around one of the whole leg and raise it high? hehe…

  30. Eric Cheong - May 28, 2009

    Dear Mr. Backpackr,

    Very well edited! Plot was really creative. =) You should win this contest man. McD and Mac should use this for their Viral Video.

  31. Nigel - May 28, 2009

    Finally got to watch it – great stuff! Love the bokeh too. All the best in winning! =)

  32. The Backpackr - May 28, 2009

    jules: The disabled can surely be stylo and wear crocs, no? The soles won’t wear out!

    Steve: Other cars did keep looking at me and wonder what on earth I was up to! We just smiled back and waved!

    Louis: Grand prize (and only one) is the iPhone 3G.

    Kenneth: You’re the only one who has mentioned and deciphered the cow=beef, chicken=rooster comb thing (I don’t know sign language, so was making it up as I went along!)

    Stefanie: It was a Big Mac, but I compressed it so I could fit it into my mouth. Seems a lot of people doubt it’s a Big Mac! Hahah…

    Everyone else: Thanks so much for your comments, and the support from the Twittersphere and Facebook-sphere too!

  33. PauLOS - May 28, 2009

    Yes.. betul betul.. it’s a big mac.. mistook the centre bread slice for something else.. and u r right.. it was compressed.. hahhahaa.. should leave it at FULL HEIGHT for MAXIMUM effect.. hahaha with at tag line “Objects in HD appear larger than they actually are”.. or something like that.. :)

  34. coolcat - May 28, 2009

    You are quite the actor! I LOL-ed at the way you depicted chicken. Priceless expressions on your face and wonderfully executed and shot video! Love it!

  35. dude - May 28, 2009

    dude…. you have an iphone already, and an awesome camera, give others a chance, and im pretty sure even if that iphone wasnt yours, you could pretty much afford one yourself… awesome video anyway

  36. Eric Tan - May 28, 2009

    i’m LOVIN it!

  37. Grace Tan - May 28, 2009

    Hi… wow great to see so many comments. Dude who left a comment about the iphone… well we don’t have an iphone, it was borrowed for the shoot! If we had one, we wouldn’t need to join the competition! The competition is for everyone, so why not?

  38. buffafly - May 28, 2009

    fantastic and very creative acting! I enjoyed watching your hilarious video. But perhaps you shouldn’t eat too much McD. It ain’t good for you at all. Watch Supersize Me and you might not touch another fries. :-)

  39. TianChad - May 28, 2009

    Wah ~ this is such a great effort for McValue LUNCH!
    Looks like mine dun have chances to win anymore T.t~

  40. beyond - May 28, 2009

    This is one of the most creative Made In Malaysia short films I have ever seen. THumbs up!!!~~ All the way dude!

  41. Fiona - May 28, 2009

    Wow guys! That was a great short video! I can see Apple and Google being interested to sponsor the ad campaign! Super awesome!!! Well planned, great execution!

  42. stevo - May 28, 2009

    Well done! Love it! Great concept, nice videography..

  43. Sean Lon - May 28, 2009

    Very creative, execution of video is perfect.. almost flawless.
    i like these elements(iphone,drive thru) u include which convey how these items aid a disable person n improve lifestyle. Good acting too.:D good luck.u dunnit need whoah now i dont think i can win at all this contest. :/

  44. aprilyim - May 29, 2009

    Lol I loved the sign language in this video! And I’m craving for a Big Mac 😀

  45. Jason - May 29, 2009

    LOL. Good one.

    Sure win lah!

  46. Jen - May 29, 2009

    awesome video!! hope you guys win! and all without the use of dialogue too!

    you didnt pay for your mcvalue meal!!!

  47. Kee - May 29, 2009

    Very very nice man. I look forward to call you on your new iPhone soon.

    Dude (is your name dude?): Hey, its a fair and square competition. So I guess Alex deserves to participate too!

  48. Naqib - May 29, 2009

    I really enjoyed this video,If i didn’t know the guy I would have thought he really was on a wheelchair for real,good acting,I must think of some good story lines myself,heheh,the gears are all ready just need a narrative hehe

  49. kellster - May 29, 2009

    with 51 comments, haha i think my comment its not as vital haha.

    but really loved the video, short and simple straight to the point
    of course with that puppy look of yours, made it more convincing just how much u were craving for mcds

    and the fact u were willing to buy ANOTHER set to get the right burger, shows just how affordable their McValue set lunch was.

    loved some of the angles, esp the part where in the video its at the 2MINUTE spot. loved the bouquet of you riding off in the wheelchair !

  50. Emily - May 29, 2009

    Insprirational & entertaining…definitely one of the strong contenders for the skits competition…Go ALex !

  51. Audrey - May 29, 2009

    This is hilarious. I love it. Well done.

  52. Kang - May 29, 2009

    My guess: Its McD Centerpoint, right Alex?

  53. lisa717 - May 30, 2009

    wow!! cool!! the video is very nicely done!! even the background music oso nicely organised with the video!! Wishing all of us who take part in this the best of luck in getting the iPhone!!

    hope you would leave comment to my McValue contest post too..thanks and appreciate~

  54. The Backpackr - May 30, 2009

    dude: It’s an open challenge, and may the best person win, no?

    kellster: I have a puppy-face? :p

    Kang: You must be quite a regular McD’s customer at Centrepoint to know and recognise it. 2 points for you!

    Everyone else: Thanks for the encouraging comments, also for those who said nice things on Facebook at:

  55. Asther - May 30, 2009

    Hahaha… hilarious! Praying that u guys will win!

  56. Na7uRe - May 30, 2009

    Excellent Video Man!

    You the man!

  57. Mark L - June 1, 2009

    Hahahaha I definitely need to leave a comment here, this video is absolutely funny! I was watching it with my colleague at the Hong Kong airport. Made our transit a little easier to bear 😛

  58. Crystal - June 1, 2009

    Great Video. Love the story. :)

  59. kiwi - June 1, 2009

    hey i love this! its sooo great!! keep it up^^

  60. Sheila - June 2, 2009

    Very original story line and totally unexpected. Love it. McDonald’s should use it in the ad campaign if it wins or even it if does not, they should buy the rights and use it.

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  62. Evelyn Teh - June 3, 2009

    Good job! Really enjoyed the humor in that film! Had I not known better, I would have thought Apple’s Mac (and iPhone) and the McDonalds Big Mac (excuse the pun!) have joint cooperations in this promo :)

  63. Wen Sen - June 3, 2009

    the best that i’ve seen. Great effort :)

  64. Kathy Belaja - June 5, 2009

    Muahahahahhaha!!!! I had a good laugh!! You must be the winner!! haha! jia you!!

  65. Ian - June 10, 2009

    Time for them to upgrade the grand prize to a iPhone 3GS!

  66. bluree - June 16, 2009

    Congratz! You really deserve the title. Love the video so much!

    *Double thumbs up!*

  67. Sam - June 17, 2009

    congrats on the iphone =)
    good video! =)

  68. Wednesday Clicks | Mark Leo.Net - June 17, 2009

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  69. Dan - June 17, 2009

    This is really funny! Will you be the new ad for Mackers?

  70. Choon Ean - June 18, 2009

    Hahhahah… so excellent! Congrats!! =)

  71. shuet yee - June 18, 2009

    LOL…ur video is so funny!
    it is nice!!!!

  72. Tallboyz - June 18, 2009

    Congraz! U did a good job with the short clips!

  73. renae - June 19, 2009

    Nice! grats pal!

    Vid’s great.

  74. Rosy and Edmund - June 23, 2009

    Hey, can’t wait to see u on TV commercials!! :p Congrats on the Iphone…!!!

  75. Kathy Belaja - June 25, 2009

    Wow! Its a Great News!! Congratz!!!

  76. Clarence - June 26, 2009

    Wonderful, very good advertisement.

  77. bryanlyt - July 4, 2009

    heyy congrats on ur new iphone! just saw the video only lol… deserved! 😀

  78. michaelkon - July 4, 2009

    great video.i like it!!very interesting and indeed you deserves to win!

  79. msheng - July 4, 2009

    cool video! love it… simple yet straight to the point…

  80. Iriene - July 5, 2009

    Congrats, you, ur wife & Jo are really pro…
    Good cooperation and effort.
    Really deserve it , do drop by my blog
    and do advise…I am still new in blog, still learning.
    Tks again!

  81. insulted - July 6, 2009

    this is an insult to the handicap. u think its funny? and being creative? its not only offensive but making fun of the handicap..way too much…probably MCD is also braindead to choose u guyz as winner. there is no moral to the story..try being sensitive to the surrounding and the less fortunate..but not taking advantage on their weakness…and trust me,..this is not even close being creative..

    • The Backpackr - July 11, 2009

      insulted: I’m sorry you feel this way. Judging from how much you “hate” the video, I wonder if you were also another contestant. If you really want to address this issue, don’t use a fake email address to post comments. Stand up for transparency and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions.

      In no way am I insulting the handicapped. I am merely utilizing a vehicle to portray the purchase of a product. In what way do you feel I insult the handicapped? I have always fully respected the underprivileged and I have no intention of ever insulting them.

      They always say, for every barrel of apples, there’s always a rotten one, or a sore loser.

  82. insult - July 7, 2009

    u dont derserve it at all…u shall be shame of yourself. i dont understand how many moron and selfish ppl here that think this video is funny and creative??

  83. insult - July 7, 2009

    u r proud of ur video? taking advantage of the handicap weakness? this is way too much!

  84. insult - July 7, 2009

    crazy ideas? dumbass

  85. Aizal - July 9, 2009

    Great job bro. You might want to further up your acting career. XD
    Enjoyed the clip especially the iphone part.

  86. Peter Lee - July 16, 2009

    Lex, if not of your dad we wouldn’t have known about this. Not bad you can act. Keep it up and remember to keep us posted.

  87. oryzana - July 30, 2009

    hahaha..seriously crazy…good job..

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