Meeting Twitterites…

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve not been to any Tweetups (yet), but I had the chance to meet and make many new friends among those whom I only know as @Username on Twitter. The funny part about meeting in real life, is sometimes you really can’t match their nickname or their avatar to a face. After all, it’s hard to look at someone and match their whole face to a tiny 50×50 pixel avatar! Perhaps you have to frame their face with your fingers to suddenly get the eureka, “ahhh, it’s you” moment.


Let’s see… I’ve met for the first time, @sivinkit @TriciaYeoh @jasonong @mikefoong @chrishong @nigelais @sausheong @edwintcg @thematrixuum @sochews @mahyuni @SalocinTEN @angch (Sorry, if I forgot your username and didn’t list you down here!). Oh, and I saw @minishorts from a distance at BLC  – sorry, didn’t manage to go and say hi, you looked busy.

One interesting encounter was last Sunday, when I dropped by at the Bangsar Lutheran Church. After the service, Rev. @sivinkit (aka the Twittering pastor) and a few others were standing around talking about Twitter, and I interjected by saying, “Oh, I follow you too”. Then they quizzed me on my username, and I said “@TheBackpackr“. Suddenly there was a chorus of “ohhhh”. I realised I was following most of them and they likewise. We then proceeded with a round of Twitter Username introductions. (As a side note, BLC is an extremely forward thinking church and many of them there are bloggers and Twitterites. If you’re looking for a church that’s like that, do send the cool Rev. @sivinkit a tweet!)

It’s encouraging to see more and more Malaysians jump onto the Twitter bandwagon (perhaps we should call it the Twitter concorde, considering how fast it’s picking up steam). There’s a directory of sorts available at that lists Malaysians who have tagged themselves with the keyword “Malaysia” but it’s not an accurate representation of how many Malaysians there are who tweet.

Alright, I’m off for TEDxKL talks soon, and I’m sure I’ll be meeting another group of Twittering Tweeters (or is it Tweeting Twitterers?) – oh whatever… let’s tweet!


  1. @jasonong - June 3, 2009

    Cheers bro!

  2. Joyce Rachel - June 3, 2009


    Twitterites or Twitterers or Twitteroos or just Twitties?

    Cute! 😀

    Twitterverse or Twitterville is interesting! Very very interesting.

    By the way, what’s this #kltweetup about? Need some sort of registration or qualification?


  3. The Backpackr - June 4, 2009

    I really dislike the overuse of terms such as tweeple, twunch, etc… I feel it’s overdoing this whole Twitter craze! I don’t often prefix my words with Tw :)

    Tweet ups are really just gatherings of Twitter users, and are generally free for all. Just keep your eyes peeled to the Twittersphere and you’ll find out where and when the next one is happening. (Or, organise your own!).

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