My first time… getting a gravatar

I’ve been commenting on blogs for awhile now and wondered how these people just seem to have their pictures pop-up everywhere. Surely they can’t have uploaded their pictures onto every person’s blog, right? Duh, stupid question!

Anyhow, the answer is really simple – get a GRAVATAR. That stands for GLOBALLY-RECOGNIZED-AVATARS. WOW… what a great idea. So here I am traipsing over to (incidentally, they share the same database as WordPress, and if you have a WordPress account, you can log right in) to get myself an avatar.

Yup, go choose a suave picture of yourself, and send it to the server. Your email address is now associated with that image, and when you go onto a WordPress / Blogspot site and leave a comment, your picture will automagically appear if the blog owner enables gravatar support! Amazing, eh?!

For those geeks who want to know how it works, I did a tad bit of reading, and in a nutshell, each blog engine encrypts your email address with something called an MD5 encryption method (the FBI/CIA folks probably created it… hah), and then sends the information in the form of the img src tag to the gravatar servers, which then return the associated image! That’s quite a brilliant idea, and your email address never gets submitted directly to their servers.

Go, get yourself a gravatar today and look cool-er!

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