Prevent legit email from ending up in Spam on Gmail

Just 2 days ago, a colleague of mine casually mentioned that emails from a particular client ALWAYS end up in spam, causing havoc. This can have HUGE repercussions on us, as my company, Integricity, an Interactive agency, always prides ourself to be fanatically responsive.

Unwanted scenario – on a Friday evening at 5pm, just before going partying:

“Hello vendor, have you worked on my email yet?”

“Huh? Your email? I haven’t received it”

“What? I sent it out 4 hours ago! Is it in your spam folder?”

“Errr, yea, sorry…”

“I expect it done by today. I don’t care”

Save yourself a headache by preventing scenarios like this, if you’re using Gmail. We use Google Apps, which shares most of Gmail’s functionality and more, so we can also create filters to prevent email from ending up in spam.

Login as per normal, then look for the link “Create a filter”, next to the Search box. Click on it.

You’ll now be presented with the ability to create the filter based on several criteria. If emails from only one particular person keeps on ending up in spam, you can enter the full email address in the From field (eg,

If it is a problem for ALL emails from that same company / domain, then enter just the domain name in the From field (eg, In the example below, I entered the entire domain.

Click “Next Step >>”.

Now, you can control what the filter does. Check the “Never send it to Spam” checkbox, then click “Create Filter”. Now watch and see the magic happen. Gmail rocks my socks!

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