Roaming with WhatsApp while traveling

If you’re like me, and usually buy a prepaid SIM card at the destination country, you may find it annoying to keep on having to update all your contacts with whom you normally send WhatsApp or text messages to let them know of your new number.

It may be a laborious and costly exercise to text everyone with your new number (of course you could post it on Facebook, but you know what happens with privacy etc…).

I normally buy a SIM that has data services bundled, so that I can easily send messages via WhatsApp, Skype, use Google Maps, look for restaurants, and a whole lot more.

When you swap your SIM card and start WhatsApp again, it will tell you, “Mobile network changed. Register with new phone number?”. Most people I know would very quickly click Yes, only to find that you cannot receive messages anymore on your home mobile ┬ánumber.

It makes sense, as you just told WhatsApp you now have a new number on a new mobile network.

Here’s an explanation of what happens if you click Yes vs No.

Take note: in both scenarios, all phone calls and SMS text messages will be routed to the new roaming number.


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    roaming my whatsup number

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