Selecting a blog design theme & intro to plugins

Now that you’ve got your blog installed, what do you do next?

You don’t want your blog to look like a plain Jane one, so get cracking, and select a happening design theme, download it and install. Here’s an introductory chat about themes and plugins.


This clip does not cover the process of installing themes, but here’s a video clip by Steve Dougherty that illustrates in step-by-step form how to do it.

[stdvid]f3-srt2CEDQ[/stdvid] As for installing plugins, you could take a look at a step-by-step guide I’ve written on how to do so. It’s really dead easy.

Alright, have fun exploring WordPress even further!


  1. Jon - September 3, 2008

    Look what i’ve found. some nice themes

    also , plenty of really beautiful themes.

  2. Kevin Thomas - September 11, 2008

    Hey Alex, nice blog! Hope you’re keeping well.
    Kevin Thomas

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