Seminar – 2011: The Extra Mile

Last week, in conjunction with Launchpad, an agency that provides marketing and branding services, consultancy and project management, I had the pleasure of addressing a group of professionals to talk about how they are marketing their products and services. I was given a 2-hour session, and I hope my illustrations were clear enough to explain the role of digital marketing.

Bearing in mind the average attention span of people is a mere 5 minutes these days, filling 120 minutes with power-packed juicy info can be rather daunting, but I had fun, and from the looks of the audience, they did learn a few tricks.

The objective was to give some insight into how the world is implementing digital campaigns, what the possibilities are and where they can go from here. The presentation slides that I used are embedded here.

For those who do not have the time to go through the presentation above, the key takeaway slides are also extracted below.

My recommended resource for anyone wanting to understand digital marketing and PR better is the book by David Meerman Scott, entitled “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”.

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  1. springkussen huren - September 19, 2011

    Indeed, marketing is really what makes a company or business become successful and progressive. This way, they can make people become interested with their products and increase their sales.

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