Significance in Life

I’ve been running the Integricity Group for the last 12 years. I started it, raised it, found partners and today, it stands at a staff strength of about 40, spanning 4 companies.

It hasn’t been smooth-sailing all the way, but it’s when storms come that you learn the most important lessons. God has been good to me, incredibly good. I have a fantastic wife, lots of great friends, good health, no debts, and above all, I have a baby girl on the way!

However, when taking stock of my life, I realise all the skills God has blessed me with have been invested in the corporate world, and not much has been given back to Him. Sure, I give tithes cheerfully every month, but that’s probably the easiest cop out.

Realising this, I made an active decision to speak to Bernard Lee, the Executive Pastor of DUMC and tell him how I felt and what I could contribute. Several discussions later, I was asked to meet with Dr Daniel Ho, the Senior Pastor. We had a casual chat, and he agreed with the job description I had drawn out as a Communications Consultant.

I had volunteered to assist for six-months on a full-time basis, and both pastors tried to get me to commit to a longer period, to which I smiled and politely declined. After all, it’s not easy relinquishing my duties at Integricity and waltzing off into a new organisation just like that. The final arrangement we agreed on was that I would go to Integricity on Mondays (when DUMC is not working), and be in church from Tuesdays to Fridays.

What will my my next six-months be like? I don’t know. All I DO know is that God will take care of me.

DUMC is one of the largest churches in Malaysia, with a combined congregation of more than 4,000 across all weekly celebrations. This is the main auditorium where we meet.

As I serve with church, I will blog about the projects I work on so that others can perhaps learn how a Communications Consultant can make positive changes for a church. Let me start by sharing my proposal to the church.

Pastor Bernard Lee
DUMC, Dream Centre
2 Jalan 13/1, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

15 August 2012

Dear Bernard,


As per our discussions, I am pleased to furnish you with a proposal to provide assistance as an external consultant for six months to improve the overall communications for DUMC. I will be happy to serve with DUMC from Tuesdays-Fridays and attend a celebration on either Saturday or Sunday.

The scope of work proposed is as follows.

September 2012

Launch of DUMC website

Define corporate identity (work with design team + possibly get external industry experts)
Deliverables: Brand guidelines, standardise email signatures, standardised template for Word & PowerPoint documents, training manual + template for other documents, rework DUMC weekly bulletin, revamp weekly PowerPoint slides.

Church theme 2013
Deliverables: Help with defining the theme, imagery and feel of the theme when conveyed. Set certain standards to reflect and convey the message.

October 2012

Centralisation of communications channels
Deliverables: A documented system of various channels available for use, their cost, and procedures on how to use them. Also, a workflow document on how to best get the message out.

Data backups
Deliverables: Understand how it’s currently being done and propose a method for ensuring minimal loss of data for everyone, while having it as automated as possible.

November 2012

Video announcements
Deliverables: A template for video announcements with the ability to churn them out quickly and easily.

Church online, anytime! – could be real-time streaming or a mid-week broadcast
Deliverables: Provide a proof of concept to show that it is doable.

December 2012

Event registration system
Deliverables: Prepare a requirements document for a company to revamp and build a robust system that allows for less problems and greater automation.

January 2013

Media training: Average equipment, average person, amazing videos
Deliverables: Structure a one-day training course on using simple equipment for video production.

* I would love to run an inter-church course on this (NECF and MCGM have expressed interest to have me give training on this topic).

February / March 2013

Dependant on other needs that DUMC may have.

I propose charging a nett fee of RMxx per month for services rendered. For every non-Selangor public holiday taken as leave, an amount of RMxx will be deducted from the amount invoiced. I would also like to request that out of pocket expenses and mileage claims be reimbursed at the prevailing rates that DUMC has.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

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