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(Last updated: 26 Jun 2012)

Name: Alex Lam

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Adventure, entrepreneur, internet, social media, travel, photography, videography, exPC-now-Mac-user, Church2.0 and people are descriptive words that adorn Alex’s Twitter account page. He has varied interests, but above all, his passion for all-things-media, and his extremely talented wife, Grace supersede the rest.

His current day job entails managing the Integricity Group  which has since evolved in the last 12 years, from a web hosting company, into a full-fledged digital interactive agency, amongst other ventures such as videography+photography and events. Today, Integricity makes waves primarily in the sphere of creative and technological projects.

As the digital landscape rapidly changes, Alex keeps abreast of new technologies and seeks to impart knowledge either via conferences & workshops or via his blog at He seeks to raise the bar for all individuals and companies, so that they can fully unleash the potential of the creative and digital world.