Step-by-step graphical guide to getting an Australian visa

If only…

1. Food was free
2. There was no evil in the world
3. All countries requiring visas operated on the same system as Australia…

I just completed the visa application process, and for someone who is Internet literate, perhaps even a tad technical, it was over in a mere 5 minutes! No more preparing the passport sized photos, no more waking up early, no more driving to the city, no more queueing for numbers and no more returning several days later to collect it.

First up, this process applies to you, if you hold a passport issued by one of the following countries:

Hong Kong (SAR)
South Korea
United States of America

What you will need:

Your passport (or the details handy)
A credit card
An email address (I believe several applications can share one email address)

Application for the type of visa I will show you is called Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for visitors (Their code for this is: Subclass 976). I have a hunch the business entrant visa process (Subclass 977) is pretty similar. It costs AUD20 (as of March 2011).

Step one.
Head over to the secured URL:

Step two – end.
Follow the screenshots below.


  1. australian visas - April 13, 2011

    thanks for the steps. these can be very helpful. for official help check the link.

  2. synical - April 19, 2011

    Not that I’m going to Australia in the near future, but good to know :)

  3. Adeline C - January 3, 2013

    Love the print screen by screen :) am going Down Under in a few months so this is helpful! Thanks!

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