Teaching via videos / podcasts

Students in this day and age need to be excited to learn through new mediums. We need to ignite a passion and make them want to learn for themselves. No longer can we preach and drill ideas into their head.

A new breed of student is prevalent, largely due to the immense amounts of media that they are bombarded with on a daily basis, the games they play and the websites they surf. Contrast that with a regular classroom where you are given a THICK textbook with static photos and LOTS of text. How can we expect to engage our young, budding geniuses?

They are not stupid. Absolutely not. In fact, they are probably a lot smarter than many adults as they learn from so many sources, while not reading formal books.

Here is an inspirational video that shares an alternative way of learning in a classroom or church environment.

Can you adapt it to your environment?

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