TheBackpackr featured in Maxis videos

Maxis Communications is one of the leading mobile communications service providers in Malaysia and is the provider that pioneered 3G services in the country. They have kept their competitive edge through the years, despite more competition from new service providers entering the market by knowing their target market and customers’ individual preferences well.

As technology becomes more readily available and the population of Internet users increases, the user group gets more diversified. Different users use the Internet for different reasons, and they have varying browsing requirements. The Maxis communications team performed extensive research and found that Malaysian Internet users generally fall into one of seven categories which they name: Blogger, Traveller, Smart Shopper, Explorer, Online Buddies, Gamer and Entertainment Enthusiast.

Each of these user groups has different characteristics and more often that not, the Internet population will fall within one of these types. Based on these characteristics, Maxis launched  a wide variety of plans to suit these needs (tailored, cost-efficient-only pay for what you need).

As an extension to their campaign, fun interviews were conducted with online personalities which represent the seven key Malaysian Internet users. Being heavily involved in social media and running a digital agency, I was featured in one of their interviews, representing The Explorer.

The talented and beautiful Fiona Oon interviewed me and we had a great time in front of camera. Sure we had several takes, but it worked well.


Here’s a behind the scenes shot of the both of us at the Integricity HQ bar area.

Aside from the videos, Maxis, Integricity and Mindshare collaborated on developing an interactive social game built for Facebook, called Maxis Mission: Possible. Mindshare is the agency overseeing the strategy for Maxis, while Integricity provided the expertise to strategize and develop the Facebook application.

Once again, the seven characters come into play. You pick one, and explore maps for hidden items. It’s an interesting concept as you encounter enemies and bonus items that can give you a speed boost.

Prizes are pretty cool (unfortunately, I’m not allowed to win them since I’m supposedly a friendly party) as you can win a holiday for 2 to the Gold Coast AND RM5,000, an iPhone, Blackberry and more cash prizes. If you do win anything, you HAVE to share the goodies with me, seeing as I pointed you in their direction, huh? Just kidding…

When asked about why Facebook was chosen as a platform for this campaign, Matthew Willsher, CMO of Maxis, said, “The extension to Facebook is a natural move as there are now more than 5.2 million Malaysians on it. We are continuously exploring other engagement opportunities on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.” [quote from:]

My take on this campaign is that Maxis is really going all out to secure ground using social media and I am very excited to see the wide adoption of Facebook in their campaigns. This will hopefully serve as a stepping stone for the entire industry to show them how powerful it is to invest and harness sites that are already a phenomenal success.

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