TheBackpackr vs The Great China Firewall

And so… I have arrived in China, and have already been warmly welcomed by The Great China Firewall.

Facebook, nope. Twitter, nope. Gmail, nope. Blogspot, nope. And many other websites – all NOPE!

Only Foursquare and LinkedIn work, among a few other international social media websites. It’s no wonder the local Facebook / Twitter clones known as Weibo and RenRen are thriving.

I’ve declared war on it and will endeavour to get around it. When I do, I’ll share more on the methods you can employ to restore PROPER Internet access when visiting China. As it is, many VPN sites that offer services around the firewall have been blocked. Let’s see how I go after a day here.


Here’s what I’m greeted with for many, many websites I try to access.


  1. Ben Israel - June 16, 2011

    Tried StrongVPN? Worked for me the last time

  2. EJ - June 16, 2011

    Don’t get caught yo…

  3. Alex TheBackpackr - June 17, 2011

    Thanks, Ben. is rocking for me now. No way China can block their 1.3 billion population!

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