Too many Twitter friends?


If you’re a twitter-maniac and are following hundreds or thousands of Internet users – aside from the fact you’re quite crazy, you might want to streamline which tweets are prioritized over others. I can’t imagine having a tweet come in every minute or so and mess up your timeline.

Enter twitTangle which has the tagline of “untangling the mess of too many friends”. It allows you to assign ratings and tags to friends and based on those presets, you can filter what you want to see, and what you’d like to glance over. It helps to cycle through custom groups such as “school friends”, “crazy relatives” or “people I am stalking”.

Here are some screenshots that illustrate how the system works.

First, rate a person you are currently following on a scale of 0 to 200 (gee, how did they derive TWO HUNDRED? Do I love my friend twice as much as 100%?)


You can also proceed to tag these contacts – you can tag them by profession, relationship, etc. For instance, I keep tabs of internet marketers and I tag some with that.


You can also assign contacts to groups and this gives you even greater flexibility to zoom down to the people you REALLY, REALLY want to keep tabs on. First, create the groups you want, then click on the Groups link attached to each contact and assign them to the appropriate group.



You can now view a subsection containing tweets, of all the zillions of “followees” that you have on your Twitter account.


Alright, that’s it for now folks… go forth and get organized! And if you’d like to add me on Twitter, link to TheBackpackr here.

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  1. Mark - January 7, 2009

    Awesome site, very very useful especially if you follow a lot of people on Twitter 😛

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