Touching speech on life & death by Steve Jobs

Everyone knows Steve Jobs is one of the world’s most gifted persons, not just in product design or marketing, but also in his presentation skills. Just recently, I was able to watch a speech he gave several years ago and it is extremely motivational and inspires everyone to excel and succeed in life. Do spend 15 minutes of your life on this as it is one of those videos worth watching.

The best quote from the video is: “Remember to live life as if every day were your last. One day, you will be right”. It makes me ponder whether or not my life is making a difference to others.



  1. James Tyler - August 16, 2011

    this is one of Steve Jobs videos that was truly admirable, his words are full full of inspiration and compassion.  His speech taught me not to be contented with what I have and want.  Instead, dream for something even more, which I can attain if I really strive hard for it,..

  2. Quotes about Life 852 - January 31, 2012

    It is a nice article guys. I liked it post.

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