Travel app: Power plugs of foreign countries

When traveling, it is always good to know everything about the power plugs used in the destination countries. You will need to know the type of socket and voltage used there, then compare it against your own devices.

Not every country uses the same voltage as your home country, and while traveling in the Philippines recently, I was even presented with a home that used BOTH 110V and 220V. Now that’s bizarre.

To check the compatible voltage of your devices, either turn the device over and look for the label, or look on the plug itself. The location varies. What you need to know is the input voltage for your device. If you see something showing 100-240V or 100-220V, you have a device that is universal (like my Canon battery charger below). My Braun toothbrush however, will not work if used in a country such as the US, as they use a 110-120V system.

Most devices such as laptops and mobile phones are all universal, so you won’t have to worry. Nonetheless, it’s always good to flip it over for a quick check before jetsetting.

Power plug voltage

Here’s the link to the app in the App Store.

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  1. Brendon Spaziani - January 9, 2012

    What you’ve said here should be applied by those who travel a lot, especially if they always bring gadgets with them. In your case, you even had an electric toothbrush. This would help them avoid mishaps when they plug their gadgets onto electric outlets.

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