WordPress 2.7 rocks! Upgrade complete…

I’ve been reading quite a lot about WordPress 2.7 (named Coltrane) and how it is a major upgrade over all the past 2.6 releases. I felt I needed to do the necessary upgrade and keep abreast with things. I do know of some people who have BROKEN their WordPress blog installations after an upgrade, so please, PLEASE do backup both your database and your web files BEFORE you embark on this project.

Then, spend some time reading the official WordPress upgrade guide which is found here.

It took me about 30 minutes to read up about the process, deactivate my existing plugins, backup all the necessary files, download the new latest.tar.gz file, I was off on my SSH spree to decompress and copy over the necessary files, while preserving my original theme and customizations.

I forgot to take a screen capture of The Backpackr backend before upgrading, so I grabbed one off my company’s blog site. This is how it looks before the upgrade – fairly clean, but quite severely lacking in navigation, hence the need to install third party tools to improve admin menus.

Wordpress 2.6 backend

And ta daaa, the ALL-NEW-AND-IMPROVED WordPress 2.7 – one of the most major changes is really the user interface. They’ve spent a lot of time noting down the common paths that bloggers take and made them handy, with less clicks to get to. The Dashboard on the left is really nifty too with nice new javascripty sliders. Bravo, WordPress…. BRAVO!

Wordpress 2.7 backend

As I was writing this post, I already noticed they have improved the image upload mechanism. Previously, when you select insert image at full-size, they LIE… they still try to squeeze you into some WordPress-thinks-you-need-500-x-400-size or something. Now I seemingly have power to go full-size and REALLY have wide images without tweaking the HTML behind it.

Other functionality that is advantageous to the blog administrator is the ability to upgrade WordPress with a click and a little typing, rather than having to download and manually upgrade it like how I did. It’ll save you a good 20 minutes, at least. I haven’t tested this feature yet, obviously… as there aren’t any upgrades to be had yet.

Here’s a snippet from the WordPress blog that I thought was interesting.

The Story Behind 2.7

The real reason Coltrane is such a huge leap forward is because the community was so involved with every step of the process. Over 150 people contributed code directly to the release, our highest ever, with many tens of thousands more participating in the polls, surveys, tests, mailing lists, and other feedback mechanisms the WordPress dev team used in putting this release together.

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  1. Cheng Leng - December 14, 2008

    I’m soooo grateful for WordPress 2.7. I can’t believe such a good CMS platform is free to use.

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