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Disclaimer: I am not an ambassador of Formidable Pro – I am a user and supporter, due to the feature set and support from them.

I am a firm believer of using intelligent forms to capture information. I particularly hate mailto: links that pop open your browser for a number of reasons – it is a quick-fix and not professional, many people use webmail and not an email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail, and it also exposes the destination email to spam harvesters.

I would strong advise that you invest $47 in this plugin that will give you much, much more in return.

Main Features I Like

Easy-to-setup forms – I have created simple forms in 5 minutes, no kidding. You drag and drop fields, give it a name and you’re done!

Intelligent forms can be created – fields can appear conditionally. If you have radio options / select box, it can determine whether other fields automatically appear below it. Here’s an example.

Form entries are stored in a database and can be exported easily into a CSV file that can be accessed in Excel easily.

Auto-responders can also be created so that templated emails are sent to the people who fill in the forms.

Flexibility of fields – we can have single line text boxes, paragraph text, radio buttons, check boxes and dropdown select boxes. There are also regular fields that have add-on validation – email address, date, time, password, number and rich text. It’s really quite cool.

Multi-page forms can be created, so that your forms aren’t sooo long. We have a fairly complex three-page form for Employment Application at Integricity, and it allows for document uploading as we would like to have photos and cover letters of applicants.

Lifetime updates are also very cool. They have some features on the way that I’m longing to use. Just knowing that I don’t have to pay again is great. What I’m waiting for is the ability to save a form, and come back later to resume or make corrections. Another feature that would be really cool is the ability to define a different set of email recipients based on a certain field entry (like department or subject). This feature has since been added in a later release.

Because of its flexibility, I have created registration forms for conference delegates and it is linked to a payment system. It does require quite a lot of planning and the use of PHP to auto-generate confirmation codes, much like the airlines, but it proves quite a lot can be done with this plugin.


All in all, it’s a great plugin and I would highly recommend it. I paid for the unlimited licence and it’s well worth it, considering I have a hand in quite a number of websites.


  1. Marcus - February 19, 2013

    Ouch! I was just about to invest $47 when I saw your fine review. I really need that dynamic email function you requested and thought I had found just the tool for it.
    It’s been a couple of months since you posted this, though… Is it featured yet?


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