Cut and Paste files on a Mac with no extra software!

Cut and Paste is Copy and Move on a Mac

I’ve been a Mac user for a good ten years, and one of my gripes was about the inability to cut and paste files quickly in Finder.

Switching from a PC, I NEEDED this functionality and the first thing I did was to buy TotalFinder (which is now closing its doors soon).

Shortcut users all know the common copy and paste keystrokes: Command+C and Command+V

The real secret is cut and paste like on a Windows PC. Apple has changed the terminology to copy and move. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Select the files you want to move in Finder.
  2. Command-C (yes, I said, Command-C)
  3. Go to the folder you’d like to paste it in.
  4. Command-Option-V
  5. Tadaaa.
  6. Since you won’t believe it works, go back to your original folder and you’ll see the files are gone!
  7. Leave me a comment to say “It works like magic!”


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