A Church That Cares

All churches care for people. Or they should.

Making sure people feel the love is something else altogether. Experiencing tangible love is vastly different from knowing the church loves you.

I don’t share many personal stories on this blog, but here’s one about a church I am currently attending with five key communications lessons attached.

Recently, my wife and I started attending a church in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia called Kingdomcity. We admire their ability to connect with their target audience and communicate well. Their attention to detail and “walking the talk” is simply amazing.

I know how much work is needed and how hard it is for Kingdomcity to arrive at this juncture, because, as a part-time church communications consultant, I can see firsthand the many challenges that keep the “wonderful strategies” from materialising.

Anyway, back to our story – Grace and I don’t serve in any capacity, nor do we attend Kingdomcity Connect Groups yet. We do send our daughter to the kids programme and through it, we’ve lightly connected with several of their teachers.

A gift from Kingdomcity
The growing Lam family: Grace Tan and Kyle Ezra Lam, Krysta Myra Lam & Alex Lam

One week ago, Grace gave birth to our second child and of course, we posted a photo or two (or was it a thousand?) on Facebook. A day later, our doorbell rang and there was a gift basket with flowers in it for us. I thought nothing much of it, as friends do send gifts, but when I read the card, I was totally in awe.

For a few seconds, I was just thinking, “Wow, wow… and WOW!”. Kingdomcity had sent it and the card was personalised with our names AND newborn in the message. It was signed off by their lead pastor, his wife and the team.

A gift from Kingdomcity

From a communications standpoint, I’m very, very impressed. A few lessons from here are.

1. Empower your entire team to be your eyes on the floor. I’m sure Pastor Matt & Pastor Lisa had no idea we had a new baby – it was through their teachers who arranged it.

2. Time is of the essence. The gift arrived merely a day later. The impact would have been different, had it been two weeks later.

3. The element of surprise. Kingdomcity was prepared. They had our contact numbers and house address. Had they messaged us or called to ask for our address, it would still be nice, but the WOW factor would have been greatly reduced.

4. Personalisation adds value! The fact that they took the effort to put in Kyle’s name is a very, very nice touch.

5. Love everyone. We are by no means a leader in the church. We know a few people, but we aren’t very connected. Yet, they extended love and care. This is the most valuable point that helps cement families in churches. If the family you bless decides not to keep attending the church, so what? You invested some money in showing love to people.

For Grace and I, it’s the love and care shown by this thoughtful gift that will be remembered as a milestone. Thank you, Kingdomcity for being an example of a model church that walks the talk and radiates love.


  1. Dorothy Victor - October 17, 2014

    I have been attending KC for more than a year and i found the Presence of God so tangible when i first walked into the hub. Today at the Luther Centre is the same. I asked the Lord….have you moved from the hub to the Luther Centre? And He said….My people carry my Presence! Not by might, Not by power BUT by My Spirit….This is God and my daughter and i have been loved and cared for and our life will NEVER be the same again. Tq KC!

    • Marcus - October 17, 2014

      When I entered Kingdom City for the first time I felt scared with the dark room and people jumping up and down. I felt anxious every time I stepped into this place. Not everyone feels the same. Just want to let you know about the different feelings different people have and not everyone has that same experience. But do visit this place. You might experience a different feeling. You will never know until you try.

  2. Samuel Oh - October 17, 2014

    You guys are amazing and you deserve nothing short of this! :)

  3. Rhoda - October 17, 2014

    Hello! Don’t think we’ve met but CONGRATS on your new born!! Looking forward to meeting you sometime in church :)

  4. Caleb - October 18, 2014

    wow! congratulations on your newborn. and glad you found a home at kingdom city. :)

  5. Uldis Zalcmanis - April 8, 2018

    thanks for sharing, Alex. Approximately one month after accepting the Christ in Kingdomcity I got hospitalized with dengue. The same day I received a call from pastor, then another pastor came to visit me. I’m totally ‘sold’ – they truly care, and they have systems in place to ‘care systematically’. Just like Alex, I’m in awe.

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